Prism FSG200 Free Standing Gantry System

Free Standing Gantry System
Free Standing Gantry System

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Free Standing Gantry System
Free Standing Gantry System

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Product Description

The Prism FSG200 Free Standing Gantry system is designed to provide a safe, stable hoist track in places where a fixed ceiling track is not available or portable solution is required.

When used in conjunction with a portable track hoist, such as the Prism CP200, the system is perfect for home care, allowing users to extend the time they remain in their own home by years.

It’s a cost effective solution that is easy to transport and simple to erect in minutes by either 1 or 2 people without the need for tools.

The FSG200 has a safe working load of 200kg, which is approximately 311/2 stones or 440 pounds, and caters for the requirements of both the patient and caregiver, providing a safe and dignified experience for both.

Features & Benefits


  • High-strength lightweight aluminium

  • 200kg (440lbs) max load

  • 1.9-2.85m (6.2-9.35ft) adjustable track length

  • 2.1-2.5m (6.9-8.2ft) adjustable height

  • Stable 0.87m (2.85ft) feet

  • Built-in easy-slide trolley

  • Floor level adjusters

  • Star Handle securing screws

  • Safety latch to prevent uprights retracting

  • Securing Bolts and lynch pins

  • One (1) year warranty


  • Extends the time people can stay in their own homes by years

  • No structural alterations required to the room or ceiling

  • Complete safety, dignity and comfort for the client and carer.

  • Compatible with CP200 Portable Track Hoist

  • Compatible with other portable hoists with QRS connectors

  • Can be used to lift and transfer individuals from a bed, chair or similar fixture

  • Easy to assemble, can be assembled by one person without tools (2 person assembly is recommended)

Warranty Information

  • The Freeway FSG200 Free Standing Gantry System comes complete with an extensive 1-year warranty. 

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Technical Specification

  • Max Safe Working Load: 200kg

  • Minimum Useable Track Length: 1900mm

  • Maximum Useable Track Length: 2825mm

  • Minimum Unit Width: 2445mm

  • Minimum Unit Width: 3387mm

  • Minimum Ceiling Height: 2141mm

  • Maximum Gantry Height: 2508mm

  • Foot length: 870mm

  • Total Weight (Boxed): 47.5kg

  • Unit weight (inc Trolley): 44kg

  • Track / Trolley Weight: 16kg

  • Upright weight (x2): 10.5kg each

  • Feet weight (x2): 3.5kg each

  • Height adjustments: 75mm

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