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Meet our Director Gareth Milner BSc (Hons) Ost.
About Gareth Milner
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Business Director, Manual Handling Risk Management Expert, Author of Sorry! We're Closed and BSc (Hons) Ost. Degree Qualified Osteopath.

Gareth was born in Wimbledon, London in 1981. He grew up in the leafy Surrey Village of Banstead attending Chinthurst School and Dulwich College leaving in 1999 with strong A-Levels in Art & Design, French and Maths. At this time Gareth started his desire to become an Osteopath and with this, continued his studies with Human Biology at Richmond upon Thames College where he achieved an A-Grade in 2000. After having Interviews at London's British College of Osteopathic Medicine Clinic and University College of Osteopathy. and Kent's European School of Osteopathy (ESO), it was the beautiful countryside based Boxley House of the ESO that he chose as his Osteopathy Degree 'centre of educational excellence', starting his journey in the summer of 2000. Gareth was a passionate Undergraduate at the ESO, throwing himself into every study and practical class there was. He especially loved learning human anatomy and the practical classes expertly chaired by renowned Osteopathic Professor Peter Blagrave.

The 4 Year Osteopathy Degree encompasses expert study in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Neurology and Orthopaedics as a basis for the broad variety of manual, hands-on Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques including High Velocity Thrusts (HVTs), Cranial, Joint Articulation & Mobilisation, Soft Tissue Techniques including Muscle Energy Techniques et cetera. You can learn more about the remarkable Profession of Osteopathy on this page below with Gareth performing a Clinical Assessment and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) for Emma Farrell, Creative Director as well as reading Tip 33 'Grow the Osteopathic Profession' from his 2022 published 5-Star Feefo rated Sorry! We're Closed.

During the 4 years Gareth was requested by his colleagues to chair practical classes in Visceral Manipulation and Osteopathic Technique where his artistic abilities in sketching Tutors performing techniques in class aided the shaping of his practical capabilities. It was clear to him at this young age that he would become a leader, at this point in time for him, a leading figure in UK Osteopathy. In 2004, Gareth was proud to have achieved his BSc (Hons) Ost. Degree (certificate shown below). At the Graduation Ceremony of the 'Class of 2004' you will see Gareth below throwing his hat high, on the right wearing the blue shirt. A proud moment for him after giving his life to the Osteopathic Profession for 4 intensively educational years.

Gareth Milner BSc (Hons) Ost. Degree.jpg

After graduating Gareth commenced his clinical practice in his beloved home Village of Banstead at the Banstead Village Clinic as well as in nearby Sutton. He also started his own Private Practices at David Lloyd in Cheam and South Croydon in a Pharmacy at the young age of 25. It was clear that Business ownership was engrained in his professional mentality. At the time though Gareth was suffering daily from an ever growing neck injury, sustained from an accident in early 2004. In 2005 suffering extreme daily pain, in and out of the Clinic, Gareth had an MRI scan where the cause of his debilitating pain was diagnosed, a severely herniated neck (Cervical) C5/C6 disc, which was compressing his spinal cord. With the need to take 6 prescribed Tramadol tablets every day as well as maximum doses of Naproxen and Diclofenac, Gareth took the somewhat easy, but in itself, painful decision to end his clinical Osteopathy career only 2 years in after graduation.

In the year following, Gareth went into the Financial world as a Mortgage Broker. As he enjoyed Maths at school, this was a logical path to take. This career role gave him a totally different skill compared to his Osteopathy; a much more Business mind. In 2007, he started his career in the Occupational Health Industry at a Surrey based Manual Handling Risk Management Business. With the role of Business Development, Gareth was proud to have helped the Director take a struggling Business on arrival to one that was in a strong position after 3.5 dedicated years. In 2010, Gareth departed this role with a view to starting his clinical Osteopathy career again. However even after a few months of time away from work, it was clear his neck would not cope with the daily physical demands of Osteopathic practice.

In November 2010 Gareth registered his Business 'Osteopathic Solutions Ltd' with Companies House, with the plan to become the UK's most remarkable Expert in Manual Handling Risk Management as well as Moving & Handling of People, and with that promote spinal health amongst 1000s of people across the UK. With the personal understanding of what a serious spinal injury was about, Gareth was passionate to bring his Osteopathy Expertise into what was an Industry full of 'Jack of All Trades'.

Gareth has developed and manages our UK Team of Manual Handling and Moving & Handling of People Risk Management Experts who like him, are qualified Osteopaths. In the photos below you can see Gareth at a variety of Client locations providing our Moving & Handling of People Training, part of our of Risk Management and Occupational Health expertise.

These days Gareth is full time office based managing our Instructor and Business Development Teams as well as Client bookings and product orders. A key part of his role is Product Development and over the last 3 years Gareth has developed our ecosystem of Digital Manual Handling Training Products including our 'Setting UK Standards' Moving & Handling of People Blu-ray. In 2022 he became a Business Book Author and wrote and published Sorry! We're Closed. To the right you can see Gareth working on the Explainer Video for the Book with our in-house Videographer. You can watch the Video below where Gareth presents the Book in what is a funny and engaging Video taster of his 5-Star Feefo rated Book.


What is Gareth's approach in Business? Gareth is passionate about providing a remarkable service for his Business' Clients. This passion also gets through to the Carer and Clinical Services Employee, helping them to prevent serious musculoskeletal injury. Gareth runs the Business these days with a fun approach (as you can see from Emma Farrell's brilliant illustrations from Sorry! We're Closed).

You will find Gareth approachable, enjoyable to work with, having the highest attention to detail, and above all, a True Expert in Manual Handling and Moving & Handling of People Risk Management. You can call Gareth and the Team on 0845 299 3513 or attend his Moving & Handling Q&As.

Tip 33 from Sorry! We're Closed 'Grow the Osteopathic Profession'

Here's an extract ...

OK, grab some Osteopathy seeds. Place them neatly in the soil. Water laboriously, adding some Miracle-Gro and watch them grow! I am going to give you some Chiropractic seeds too. What’s that noise? Sounds like Soldiers on horses are coming towards me. They all have angry faces, armed with fearsome swords. The UK’S Osteopaths are coming to get me. Help! Oh get off your high horses Registered Osteopaths! We all know that Osteopathy and Chiropractic are basically the SAME!

Tip 33 - Image 2.jpg
Tip 33 - Image 1.jpg
And finally, some important candid statements from Gareth ...

A response to the general osteopathic council's (gosc) statement.

The gosc has published on their website a statement that is both misleading, factually incorrect and more worryingly as they are the Profession's Regulator, a statement with significant dishonesty about me. The gosc mission statement states 'We work with the public and the osteopathic profession to promote patient safety by setting, maintaining and developing standards of osteopathic practice and conduct.'

I have spoken to many Osteopaths across the UK, including our Team, who are disillusioned with how the administrators in power at the gosc are failing our Profession. When I started my Osteopathy career having graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (ESO), when promoting my Clinic I found most people hardly knew anything about Osteopathy and many hadn't even heard of an Osteopath. At the time for me, this was very disheartening after giving my life to the Profession in my 4 year Degree. I have known a number of colleagues from the ESO who have ended their Osteopathy career before the age of 30, as the Profession's UK status is simply not to the level our remarkable therapy should be, a direct result from the gosc's failure since its inception. Osteopaths pay £1000s to register with the gosc, paying for their lavish Head Office in Central London, Explainer Videos with solely caricatures and no Osteopathic content, and for their social media teams to post on Twitter about subjects that have zero importance and relevance to Osteopathy. What many Osteopaths I have spoken to agree with, the gosc cannot even give a capital 'O' and call us 'osteopaths'. 

From their statement about me I will correct some of their false statements. 1). Adequate amendments to our websites were made. 2). I did not practise Osteopathy in West London, in fact in Surrey as stated above. 3). They state 'Mr Milner appeared at City of London Magistrates’ Court on 4 March 2021'. This is in fact a lie from the gosc. At this time I was living in another EU country.


Since their statement about me on their website, I have spoken to many Osteopaths who rightly believe, once a Qualified Osteopath, always an Osteopath. These days I still manage Osteopathic Solutions Ltd from outside the UK (something in this digital age which is very simple and as effective as being UK based) and with that I do not practise Osteopathy. With this said the gosc has showed zero common sense concerning my 'Osteopath' title status. At Osteopathic Solutions Ltd, I may not be a Clinical Osteopath, but I use my Osteopathy Degree to support 1000s of people across the UK to be musculoskeletal disorder free. I proudly call myself Director of Osteopathic Solutions Ltd and rightfully by BSc (Hons) Ost. Degree Qualification ...

Gareth Milner Osteopath

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Our Business Registration ...

Due to the disastrous effects on SMEs from the UK Government's decisions on Brexit, COVID and Corporation Tax increases in 2023, we have removed our UK Business Registration. Click this link to view our Business Registration.

With this essential Registration we are able to recover from the awful effects the last 7 years of Government decisions have made to our Business, and with this we look forward to our Business growth over the coming years.

Osteopathic Solutions Ltd

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Gareth Milner BSc (Hons) Ost.
Business Owner & Director

T:  0845 299 3513

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Emma Farrell BA (Hons) Design
Creative Director
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