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Osteopathic Solutions Manual Handling Tr
DVD or USB versions
CPD Certification Service Certified
Employee Assessment Included
Suitable for all industries
Induction & Refresher Training Tool
Reducing Manual Handling Accidents
Only £250+vat including postage
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What will your Employees Learn?

'' Your employees will learn best practice Manual Handling techniques & practices including BackSafe Lifting, Carrying, Lowering, Pushing, Pulling & Team Handling. Download the DVD booklet. ''
4 Industry Sections
Each Industry Running Time 30 minutes
International Shipping Available
Euros payment accepted
Expert Content From Osteopaths
Each Industry can be purchased Online
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What are the benefits of video training?

'' Video encourages thinking. Videos encourage a multi‐sensory learning experience because they can involve text, moving images, and sound. Using multiple senses to understand a concept allows users to make more cognitive connections. It encourages them to understand the concepts better and think deeply. ''

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The videos are both informative & instructive. Talking you through the step by step of correct lifting, carrying, pushing & pulling. Having it from various work environments shows the different manual handling that can occur & the best practice in performing manual handling safely. I love the DVD case with the USB stored safely inside, great design. 

Roxanna Cockerill-Maher

Health & Safety Coordinator

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The DVD is very comprehensive. It gives lots of practical examples of both bad and good manual handling techniques. It is very informative and easy to understand. A very useful tool in our manual handling training tool box.

Diane Murray

HR Manager

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The quality is excellent throughout, and it’s very useful to see lifting procedures that are relevant to many manufacturing sites around the country that the trainers can relate to. The DVD will make a great addition to our health and safety induction programme within the company.

Andrew Donovan
Health, Safety & Training Officer

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The DVD is great. It’s very useful Thanks a lot. ​

Ian Leslie, Regional HSE Lead

Bristow Helicopters


It has been a pleasure working with Gareth and the Osteopathic Solutions Team on these DVD, Video and Online Programme projects. I have been working with the team since starting voice over and learned so much in the process. Gareth and the team put so much important information into each project. The quality of each presentation shows how important it is for these guys that you get the best information! If you value your spine, or your ability to walk pain free, I advise hitting the team up! 

Sean Antony


Spliced Creations is a small family run business producing media for all kinds of clients. We have been working alongside Osteopathic Solutions for 5 years producing instructional videos to reduce manual handling injuries and lost time at work. Included in my work history is 6 years of elevator installation, during which time I am guilty of all the incorrect techniques Gareth and his team are teaching to avoid. This has left me with lower back problems and pain which I will probably suffer from for the rest of my life. I have learned a lot working with Gareth and I only wish I knew him sooner.

Shane Du Toit, Director

Spliced Creations

I downloaded the Food Production Industry Manual Handling Training Video last night and love it, thanks.

Richard Giles, Health & Safety Manager

Premier Foods, Batchelors


I downloaded the Food Production Industry Manual Handling Training Video last night and love it, thanks.

Richard Giles, Health & Safety Manager

Premier Foods, Batchelors

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It's always great filming with Gareth and the team at Osteopathic Solutions. Their final films are always very clear and professionally put together. Using a voiceover and smart graphics shows Osteopathic Solutions go the extra mile too ensure their DVDs are of the highest quality and remain engaging for viewers throughout.

Lawrence Fowler

Creative Director

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