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Moving & Handling of People DVD

Written by Gareth Milner, Director of Osteopathic Solutions

Why read this Case Study, from start to finish? 

Well, if you are involved in procuring Moving & Handling of People Training and have problems with booking your employees for this mandatory training due to their day to day schedules, if this is you, then you can build up an understanding of the quality of our 'Setting UK Standards' DVD/ USB product. Through reading the entire Case Study you will be able to view what is covered in our production via Video Tutorials, Photos and informative and engaging written content. If you are a Moving & Handling of People Instructor, with the purchase of our DVD you will see how you will be able to incorporate the section by section video content into your training delivery for your Care or Clinical Services staff.

Before we go into the filming days, a little bit about the key partnership with Prism Medical UK

that we set up in 2021. To the right I am pictured with Geoff Lynch and Jason Duckett at the end of the filming. Special thanks go to Geoff for going that extra mile to support us with this production supplying Prism Medical's wide range of Moving & Handling Equipment and Handling Aids, which are available to purchase via Osteopathic Solutions Buy Online page. For this project and resulting DVD/ USB product we have also partnered with BackCare and special thanks go to Denise Logan Rose for making this happen.

BackCare Main Logo 2021.jpg
Alan Elder & Gareth after filming day.jpg
Day 1 Filming, 2nd December 2021

Sitting to Standing transfers started with myself giving verbal guidance to Alan Elder, including shuffling forward in the chair, placing his feet hip width apart and his hands on the armrests, then guiding him to stand on 'Ready, Steady, Stand' with him pushing himself up with his arms whilst putting 'nose over toes'. I then filmed the '1 Carer' minimal assistance transfer followed by myself and Prism Medical's Jason Duckett then filming '2 Carer' minimal assistance. We filmed different coupling including the under the collar bone contact (1st photo to the right), palm to palm, as well as the hazardous 'Drag Lift'. Use of handling belts including Prism Medical's Freeway Raiser Safety Belt and sit to stand transfers from the bed were also expertly filmed by myself, Jason and Gary.

The next DVD section filmed was the use of Walking Aids including a walking stick, walking frames and a rollator (photos shown in the left gallery). Following a short coffee break, Jason and I then moved onto Assisted Walking. Like throughout the whole DVD Video production we filmed both 'Best Practices' AND 'Hazardous Practices'. Over the 11 years of running this business (as of 2021) as well as delivering Courses, I have observed that Care and Clinical Services employees are blissfully unaware of the hazardous practices they perform, regarding their body posture and use, as well as the risks they cause to the person they are assisting/ handling. 

The next DVD section filmed was Standing to Sitting. The video clip to the right features Gary Rogers filming myself and Geoff Lynch assisting Alan Elder to sit down in the Prism Medical Shower Chair. As you will see we have filmed best practice posture and handling technique as well as hazardous posture. How would you describe my body position and use (I am on the right)? How would you describe Geoff's (he is on the left)? This is rather like the Roy Walker Catchphrase game show that we use in the finished video (a bit of fun to aid learning) with 'Say what you see!'. Message me via LinkedIn with your thoughts and receive a 20% OFF DVD Voucher.

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The next DVD sections filmed were Assistance Forward & Backward in the Chair. In the photo gallery above left, you will be able to view the 3 methods of Assistance Forward in the Chair we filmed. To make this as effective a teaching DVD (on this very involved subject) as you can get it needed to 'spoon feed' Care employees on each technique and transfer. Therefore as you can see on the 1st photo (of the above left gallery) our Videographer Gary Rogers is filming me close up, zooming in on my hand contact's on Alan Elder's leg, making it easy for viewers to learn the technique and put it into day to day practice. The videos above, of course are not the final DVD clips. They were taken by our Marketing & Design Coordinator Emma Farrell

who designed our Moving & Handling of People Training Posters using images from the filming days. To receive 3 Video Tutorials from the DVD including Voiceover invite me to connect on LinkedIn with the supply of your email and I will then LinkedIn connect and send 3 Video Tutorials (of your choice from a list of all transfers covered in the DVD) by Wetransfer.

The next DVD section filmed was Standing Transfers. With our exclusive partnership with Prism Medical UK and their supply of their equipment and handling aids for the 2 days of filming, we filmed a variety of Standing Transfers (see photos in the left gallery) using the Freeway Raiser, the Mackworth Patient Turner, the Mackworth Stand Aidthe Mackworth SA160E Stand Aid and the Freeway mini

What will your Employees Learn?

Your Care & Clinical Services employees will learn the practical application of everyday Moving & Handling of People Techniques & Transfers including hoisting, bed handling, sitting to standing, wheelchair handling, the fallen person etc. Our ´Setting UK Standards´ DVD (or USB) comprehensively covers every single People Handling Transfer you can think of & is an essential for your Moving & Handling of People Training strategy.

Verbal guidance sitting transfer using a transfer board.jpg
Gary Rogers.jfif

The next DVD section our Expert Videographer Gary Rogers (pictured to the left) filmed was Sitting Transfers. In the photo to the left I am giving Alan Elder verbal guidance to transfer himself from the shower chair to the profiling bed using a Prism Medical Transfer Board. Throughout the DVD Video we remind Learners that all techniques and transfers are underpinned by a thorough Moving & Handling Client Risk Assessment.

Gary filmed with the Sony FX3 camera, which is Sony's latest 4k cinema line camera. The camera was coupled to an Atomos Ninja external screen recorder with filming at 1080HD 25p which is BluRay quality. Lighting involved two LED panels with softboxes fitted to help provide soft light and minimise shadows.

The next DVD section we filmed was Assistance Back to Bed. Since 2010, when I have delivered Moving & Handling of People Instructor Courses at our clients' venues and at our Public Courses, I have consistently seen that attendees find the Assistance Back to Bed transfers difficult to remember come the Practical Assessment. With our Accredited Instructor Programmes attendees receive our 'Version 3' 105 page Manual printed and as a PDF therefore after the Course they can consult it to remind themselves on specifics to each transfer. The DVD can clearly support their continual professional development as they can watch each section whenever they want, making sure their training delivery is second to none. For only £250 it is a no brainer to supply to your Instructors as well as your entire Care workforce.

Blue and Red Books Clean Graphic Sales and Promos Business and Retail Back to School Banne

The next DVD sections we filmed were Assistance from the Bed including Supine to Sitting and Side Lying to Sitting. These 2 transfers again I have found attendees can get muddled up when it comes to their Practical Assessment. The side lying to sitting assistance transfer is very simple; the person lays on their side, brings their legs off the bed and pushes themselves up with their arms on the mattress (or using a bed lever) whilst at the same time the handler/ Carer assists with a gentle push through the side lying person's (nearest to the ceiling) shoulder. The Supine to Sitting transfer is quite difficult. There are very specific coupling positions on the person and with the verbal guidance given this represents the hardest transfer that Instructors have to learn. Unlike hoisting which is very black and white, assistance transfers like Supine to Sitting have many points which can be performed incorrectly, like handler posture and body position, like coupling points on the person, and the exact verbal guidance given, that minimises handler strain in the transfer. In all transfer sections featured, our expertly written voiceover clarifies exactly what the handler needs to do to perform the transfer with best practice.

The final filming of Day 1 was for Managing the Falling & Fallen Person. During the editing process this was one of the longest sections for me with 24 clips specific to this section only, filming Verbal Guidance (person transferring themselves from the floor to sitting in the chair); 2 handler assisted sitting (1st image in the left gallery); fitting a sling under the supine person (when they can and can't be rolled) as well as fitting a sling when the person is supported by an upturned chair; fitting slide sheets and moving the person from a confined space; and lastly hoisting from the floor. Thanks to Alan Elder, the model, for lying on the floor for so long! A successful day of filming and off Emma and I went with Geoff Lynch to the Pie & Ale Restaurant in Manchester.

Day 2 Filming, 3rd December 2021

Vera Aspey (pictured below left) was the model for the day. Day 2's filming was mainly bed handling and kicked off with Rolling Person to Fit Slide Sheets. As you can see in the first image to the right, myself and Geoff are performing best practice posture with the coordinated team roll of Vera into a side lying position. What team communication do you think they used to coordinate the roll?

Gareth & Vera.jpg

Like we have filmed for a number of the 25 sections of this 'Setting UK Standards' DVD, the incorrect, hazardous, 'shouldn't be practised ever' techniques have been presented in the Rolling Person to Fit Slide Sheets section. In this section of the DVD we have put together a fun quiz with the Gameshows 'Catchphrase' and 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'. which we feel really engages Learners to retain what they are watching and be able to implement it. We filmed errors of upper limb positioning; handler coupling errors; hazardous handler posture; lack of coordination of the roll and no team communication. To teach Care and Clinical Services employees the safest possible moving and handling, it is essential they have awareness of the practices they already perform that will injure their backs and/ or provide poor care to the person. 

The DVD Video contains 25 Moving & Handling of People technique and transfer sections featuring over 2 hours of Video (Instructor and Workforce) Training content. To view the DVD Brochure click it front cover image to the right. To watch the DVD Explainer Video click this link.

The next section we filmed was Fitting Slide Sheets when Person can't be Rolled. What medical reasons can you list that prevent handlers rolling the person? In the images below with the green roller slide sheet, I push the slide sheet under Vera using the 'Scissors Technique'. As our Moving & Handling of People Instructors are Osteopaths, we give your Learners the basic anatomical tips they need to perform the transfer easiest for them and most comfortably for the person being transferred. With this method of fitting slide sheets it is essential for the handler to know where the top of the person's pelvis is in relation to the keystone of the lumbar spine. This allows for the easiest passage of the handlers's arm and slide sheet under ther person's lower back across to the handler on the other side of the bed.

Fitting Roller Slide Sheet under supine person that cannot be rolled.jpg
Me and Geoff Lynch fitting roller slide sheet.jpg
Unravelling Slide Sheet under supine person.jpg

In the photo above right you will see myself and Geoff are fitting Prism Medical Slide Sheets with the Unravelling Technique. To aid employee learning and application, in the final DVD video we feature different positions of this fitting technique including a close up of the grip on the slide sheets. During the Courses we run for our clients over the years, our Expert Instructors commonly observe that attendee get confused about the positioning of the flat sheets under the person's head as well as the correct positioning and use of their hands. We present this clearly in a memorable way in this section of the DVD.

Patient, Client or Person care are paramount, it is the Care Industry! With this in mind it is so common that Carers do not care when it comes to removing slide sheets, pulling sheets out incorrectly causing uncomfortable movement of the person on the bed as well as maximising the strain on their own bodies with regards to hazardous spinal postures and movement patterns, and using the slide sheets wrongly which increases the handler pulling forces needed. During this part of Day 2 filming, we filmed best practice removal of roller slide sheets and flat slide sheets. Want to view a Video Tutorial of this taken from the DVD Video? LinkedIn connect with me and message me to receive an MP4 Video of Removing Slide Sheets sent by Wetransfer. 

Bed handling is an integral part of our Accredited Programmes run at Clients' venues or at our Public Centres, and with the need for the Care Industry's employees to have this skill base, our DVD extensively covers all aspects of bed handling. Before lunch on Day 2 filming, sections 17. Moving Person up Bed, 18. Lateral Transfers, and 19. Turning Person on their Side were expertly filmed (see photo gallery to the right).

After lunch Geoff and I felt like some fresh air! Rewinding back to section 1.. Wheelchair Handling filming hazardous (i.e. natural) pushing and pulling as well as BackSafe pushing and pulling. Before this Emma went down the road to Cresta Cars to arrange a specialist vehicle that transports wheelchair users with a ramp. In the final DVD video we feature an intentionally humerous flagrant plug of Cresta Cars. Humour helps to keep viewer engagement!

Back in the warm we filmed sections 20. Fitting Slings with Rolling Person 21. Fitting Slings when Person cannot be rolled, 22. Fitting Slings under Person in Chair, 23. Hoisting and 24. Repositioning Person in Chair

I will bring this Case Study to an end. I think you would agree that by reading this you have gained a great idea into the quality of our DVD, its pre-filming and onsite filming Expert management. Special thanks go to Geoff Lynch who helped to make the filming days go so well with the supply of Prism Medical's equipment and handling aids, as well as the models Alan Elder and Vera Aspey who were a pleasure to work with.

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