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Our Training Tools Explained

Written by Emma Farrell
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At Osteopathic Solutions we have decided that it is so important to have physical Training Tools in place during a time where meeting up in groups is proving to be very difficult due to the nationwide governmental blockages in place. Not only that, when dealing with vulnerable elders and staff alike, it is crucial to keep them safe and at ease.


We currently have 2 different Training Tool Products to offer which we know are going to be a great success for Care Groups, Private Hospitals and the NHS across the UK.

Moving & Handling of People Training DVD

The first product is our Moving & Handling of People Training DVD. This DVD (or available as a USB), produced by Occupational Osteopaths is the ideal training solution at present.


To elaborate on the above, and to share one of its key features, it is designed by Medical Professionals and true musculoskeletal specialists; giving you assurance that each technique and transfer taught displays and encourages BackSafe practice... always.


As stipulated many times when training employees from Care Groups or Hospitals, it is crucial that your chosen Moving & Handling of People Training Provider’s Instructors' profession is either an Osteopath, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist; nothing more... nothing less!


The DVD is the ideal Induction and Refresher Training tool for your staff. If your staff have recently been trained but need additional support or continual professional development, it is your go-to training tool!

Producing our 'Setting UK Standards' DVD

From choosing a suitable venue, to ensuring it is fully stocked with the best Moving & Handling of People Equipment around, to booking the right models to fit the role, to having meetings with potential partnering companies...... this DVD was an extensive 6 month project.

Our Partnership with Prism Medical UK

prism 1.png

We decided it would be great to have a partnership with at least one other well known Care Industry Business in production of this DVD. We were delighted when we approached Prism Medical UK and they couldn’t be more on board with getting themselves and their industry leading equipment involved in this project. Thanks again to Geoff Lynch (pictured with Osteopathic Solutions Director Gareth Milner in the photo above left) and Jason Duckett (photo above right) both of Prism Medical UK.


Prism Medical UK provided the majority of the Moving & Handling Equipment for the intensive filming days in Manchester. You can view their Equipment and Handling Aids on our Buy Online page via this link.

Our Partnership with BackCare

backcare 2.jpg

BackCare, the charity for healthier backs is a registered National Back Pain Association and is dedicated to providing information and support to people who are affected by back pain, their family members and healthcare professionals.


As well as a great Business partnership with Prism Medical UK, we also teamed up with BackCare UK through Denise Logan Rose, who was also more than happy to be involved in this project as well as starting a long term professional partnership with us.

You will be familiar with BackCare as they produced the HOP6 'Handling of People' 6th edition Publication (front cover pictured above left). BackCare has almost finished the HOP7 edition which we are looking forward to receive from Denise at BackCare..

Features & Benefits
What will Your Employees Learn?

Your Care and Clinical Services employees will learn the practical application of everyday Moving & Handling of People Techniques and Transfers including hoisting, bed handling, sitting to standing, wheelchair handling, the fallen person etc.

Our ‘Setting UK Standards’ DVD (or USB) comprehensively covers every single People Handling transfer you can think of & essential for your Moving & Handling of People Training Srategy. 

What are the Benefits of Video Training?

Video encourages thinking. Video encourages a multi sensory learning experience because they can involve text, moving images, and sound. Using multiple senses to understand a concept allows users to make more cognitive connections. It encourages them to understand the concepts better and think deeply. It is also great because it is flexible. Videos are customizable and can be tailored to your organization’s training programme. Videos offer better engagement. Research from the company Forrester shows that employees will feel better watching a video by up to 75% than read manuals or articles. In fact, when you include visuals in training sessions, the retention rate goes up to 65%. 

Key Features & Benefits of our Training Product:

  • DVD or USB Versions available

  • Induction & Refresher Training tool

  • Significantly less Moving & Handling Injuries

  • Cutting Moving & Handling Claims to Zero

  • CQC & HSE Compliance

  • Only £250 including postage

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Our Informative Workplace Posters
A bit of background information

Poster 3.png
Untitled design (4).png

For a long time myself and Gareth have agreed that posters would be a great addition to the Business. It was just about finding the time to create them. Having a Degree in Art & Design allowed me to get my creative juices flowing on this project which I really enjoyed. The first part of the project involved me doing some background research. I wanted to see what was currently on the market in the line of visual training material. My findings were..... there is very little on the market in the line of Moving & Handling of People training material! I was disappointed, but quickly excited at the same time; knowing that there is clearly a gap in the market for the production of these Moving & Handling of People Posters.


With that, I started to get creative! My role within Osteopathic Solutions has gotten very creative over the last year which I am grateful for. I discovered a great website called ‘Canva’ which allows me to digitally create some great visual pieces; from booklets to advertisements to you name it!

We want these Moving & Handling of People Posters to be as useful as our Moving & Handling of People DVD. Moving & Handling Instructors can use them to actually train their staff. They are not just an eye catching addition to a canteen wall, they are much more than that.

We also customise training material to your liking. So, if you have a Moving & Handling of People Technique or Transfer in which your employees just simply can’t get their heads around, we can create a Poster of that Transfer for you. You can’t really get better than that for an ‘Aide-Memoire’!

So what are the benefits of Poster Training?

Posters can motivate employees to learn a specific topic. They can help learners to focus on a certain idea, fact, event or process. They are convenient for everyone as they allow viewers to absorb the material faster. Posters can increase knowledge, change attitudes and alter behaviors. The effectiveness of poster presentations is particularly present in the medical community, as they prove to be valuable in waiting rooms and great at conveying information.


Our Moving & Handling of People Posters come in packs of 10. They feature best practice techniques & transfers including sitting to standing, moving forward & back in the chair, minimal assitance on and off the bed, application of slide sheets, fitting slings, hoisting, wheelchair handling and managing the falling and fallen person.

Both our Moving & Handling of People Training DVD & our Moving & Handling of People Posters are available to Buy Online below.

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Complete the online Order Form 
& make a secure, online payment
Buy Online with Debit or Credit Card
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