The Freeway Bed Management System Base Sheet is one of two components of the complete Freeway Bed Management System.

The base sheet is a nylon, water resistant under sheet with wide non-slip sides.

The middle section of the Freeway Bed Management System Base Sheet is PU fabric with a ‘curtain’ of nylon material covering it, allowing the system to be ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’.

The long edges of the sheet are covered with a strip of PU material which acts as a ‘break’ for the top slide sheet when sliding the client over the beds surface.

Freeway Bed Management System - Base Sheet

  • Provides comfort for patients
    Minimal effort from carers
    Ideal for use by a single carer
    Works easily with four section profiling beds
    Can be used on a pressure care mattress
    Can also be used with a hoist to assist turning
    Dimensions 140 cm wide × 200 cm long

    Can be tumbled dried on a low heat
    Maximum user weight 200 kg

    Manufactured in the UK

  • Delivery cost is included. Delivery is direct from Prism Medical UK.