The Mackworth Essentials Satin Sheet range is designed to reduce lifting associated strains and injuries to caregivers, whilst providing a solution for patients who require frequent repositioning.

The system consists of two components; a synthetic, breathable, Base Sheet with a low friction central section and a soft Top Sheet with low friction backing.

The Mackworth Essentials Satin Sheet range features handles on the Top Sheet to facilitate easier movement and use in conjunction with hoists.

Mackworth Essentials Satin Sheets

  • Base Sheet

    • Available in standard and bariatric mattress sizes
    • UltraKnit synthetic quick drying, durable material
    • Central low friction panel with carbon fibres to prevent static build up

    Top Sheet

    • Maxi (full bed) and Midi (half bed) sizes
    • WhooTex synthetic soft feel material
    • Handles for easier positioning and use with hoists
    • Low friction backing with carbon fibres to prevent static build up