The Mackworth Essentials shower and commode chair from Prism Medical UK represents the greatest value solution available to the market.


The attendant-propelled chair boasts height adjustable aluminium frame and a removable seat section to convert it from a moving, handling and showering solution to a commode chair.


There is also an optional rear wheel and brake kit to simply and quickly transform it to a self-propelled chair.


The reduction in cost is made possible by stripping the chair down to the ‘essential’ components and features to reduce manufacturing complexity, but make no mistake, there is no reduction quality.


The Mackworth Essentials shower chair benefits from the same rigorous, ergonomic design procedures and quality checks as our other trusted Mackworth products. It is constructed from high quality materials that will provide years of reliable service.

Mackworth Essentials Shower Chair

    • Cost effective solution without compromising on quality
    • 130kg safe working load
    • Height adjustable to fit all standard toilets
    • Robust aluminium powder coated frame
    • Removable back
    • Self-propelled rear wheel kit available
    • Swinging arms and footplates arms
    • Removable commode access panel
    • Round commode pan with handle fitted as standard
    • Braked castors
    • 1 Year warranty