The Prism Hammock Sling has been specifically designed for users who require a sling which provides maximum support to the sacral area.


It is often the sling of choice in cases where a general-purpose sling such as the Universal Sling is unsuitable due to poor body tone.


This sling offers great comfort and versatility as it can be used in a divided leg or cross-over position which also provides good support for amputees (subject to assessment).


The Hammock Sling is available in four materials, each providing a number of different benefits to the user.

Prism Hammock Sling

    • Quilted leg sections and no binding on outer leg section for added comfort (except spacer material)
    • Versatile as it can be used in a divided leg or crossover position
    • Suitable for amputees
    • Generous commode aperture for toileting
    • Four materials available