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  • What is the cost inclusive of?
    Each Course cost is inclusive of Course Customisation, Course Booklets, marked Practical Assessments*, Certification through The CPD Certification Service, indefinite post Course support, our Instructor's Travelodge hotel and travel expenses. *Applicable to the 4 Day & 3 Day Courses.
  • What are the differences between the 4 Day, 3 Day & 1 Day Courses?"
    The 4 Day & 3 Day Courses train new Instructors i.e. attendees have NOT attended a Moving & Handling of People Instructor (Train the Trainer) Course before. The 4 Day Course also teaches attendees to be able to conduct a Client Moving & Handling Risk & Falls Assessment. The 1 Day CPD Course is refresher training for already trained Instructors' continual professional development.
  • How are Attendees assessed & qualified?
    For the 4 Day and 3 Day Courses there is a 20 minute (per attendee) Practical Assessment on the final day. The Practical Assessment involves each attendee being filmed performing 6 Moving & Handling transfers taught from the Course. This footage is used by our Instructor to mark the attendees' Practical Assessments after the Course. Passing of the Assessment qualifies the attendee to train your Care & Clinical Services Workforce in best practice Moving & Handling of People techniques and transfers. There is no formal Practical Assessment during the 1 Day CPD Course.
  • Do you have any Videos of what you teach?
    Yes! You can watch the Moving & Handling of People techniques and transfers we teach on our Public Instructor Course Explainer Video as well as our DVD Explainer Video, both via our YouTube Channel by clicking the YouTube icon at the top right of this page. Comment, share or subscribe to our YouTube Channel and go into our 'Pick out of the Hat' Competition that we run every 4 months with a chance to win a free copy of our Moving & Handling of People Training DVD. Connect on LinkedIn with our Director Gareth Milner and we will send you a list of Video Tutorials that you can pick 3 from to receive as WAV Video files via Wetransfer.
  • What external Publications are your Courses in line with?
    Our Courses consist of evidenced based, best practice, Moving & Handling of People techniques and transfers from the 7th Edition of The Handling of People (HOP7) published by Backcare (who we are in partnership with) and the Arjo Handbook of Transfers, enhanced by the technical expertise of our Occupational Osteopaths and Physiotherapists.
  • Who are your Courses Accredited with?
    The CPD Certification Service who were established in 1996 as the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies.
  • We only want to train 1-2 Instructors. Is this possible?
    We can offer 2 options. 1. We can run a 3 Day Course at your venue (which can include Client Moving & Handling Risk & Falls Assessment). 2. Or the more cost effective option of booking them on one of our Accredited Public Instructor Courses to which we run throughout the year at Prism Medical UK's Equipment Centres in Manchester, Leeds and Winchester.
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