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Techniques & Transfers

This page details Minimal Assistance, Minimal Handling and Equipment Handling techniques and transfers taught in our 

Moving & Handling of People training

supported by the Handling of Patients 7th Edition and the Arjo Handbook of Transfers.

Assistance Back to Bed -
Minimal Assistance 2 Handlers using Flat Slide Sheets.

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The Transfer:

  • Ensure the bed's brakes are on

  • 2 handlers are best practice, although 1 handler may be possible

  • Adjust the bed to a height that ensures the person's feet are flat on the floor

  • Raise the head end of the profile bed

  • Fold the flat sheet and place it on the bed so that half of the sheet comes off the bed. Tuck this between the bed and the mattress. Make sure the person does not sit on 2 sliding surfaces

  • One handler is behind the person gripping the folded flat sheet with both hands with one knee bent on the bed (this reduces the forward bending of the spine)

  • The other handler now frees the flat sheet from under the mattress with a squatting posture, facing square on to the person's legs, bringing the flat sheet to scoop the person's lower legs

  • The handler behind the person maintains their support of the folded sheet

  • The person is encouraged to push with their arms into the mattress to move themselves into the centre of the mattress towards the raised head end of the profile bed

  • At the same time the handler 'lifts' the legs with a squat lift and moves their feet as the person pushes themselves to the centre of the mattress

  • The head end of the profile bed is lowered and the slide sheet is removed

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