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This page details Minimal Assistance, Minimal Handling and Equipment Handling techniques and transfers taught in our 

Moving & Handling of People training

Turning person on their side - to face towards handler using 2 flat sheets

​This technique is indicated when there is no bed rail. The handler must consider the person’s size and weight with regards to their physical ability to perform this technique, as there is a considerable amount of strength needed.

The transfer (with the handler facing the person’s right side):

  • 2 flat sheets have been fitted under the full length of the person’s body

  • The person bends their left knee up or the handler assists with this


The handler:

  • Gently moves the person’s nearest arm into a shoulder abducted and elbow flexed position, so they won’t lie on it when rolled 

  • Places their left palm on the person’s right pelvic bony prominence

  • Gently grasps the side of the person’s left buttock with their right hand

  • With their left hand, firmly pushes the person’s pelvis and at the same time with their right hand assists the person’s left buttock to turn

  • Steps to their left side level with the person’s shoulders

  • Positions the person’s right upper arm perpendicular to the side of the mattress

  • Gently grasps the person’s right elbow with their left hand

  • Places their right hand onto the person’s left shoulder blade

  • Gently pushes the person’s right arm (with the elbow contact) in a direction perpendicular to the side of the mattress and at the same time assists the person’s left shoulder blade towards them, to turn the person’s upper body

  • Repeats the pelvic turn with the person in the final position on their side facing the handler

  • Puts up the bed rail on the side the person has been rolled toward

  • Removes the slide sheets one at a time, from behind the person (if the bed is not against a

  • Fits a support wedge to maintain the person in a side lying position

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