Prism Medical Product Awareness Day


Our Director Gareth Milner meeting with Prism Medical's Chris Hackett in 2018 for showcasing of Prism Medical's Moving & Handling of People equipment and handling aids.

Updated Case Study will be available Summer 2022.

This page is a short listing of some of Prism Medical’s Moving & Handling of People equipment and handling aids giving you an idea on their high quality, industry leading products that we commonly come across at our clients' venues and we demonstrate practical applications of in our Public Moving & Handling of People Instructor Courses.

Free Way Bed Management System
Freeway Bed Management System.jpg
Freeway Bed Management System 2nd photo.

The Freeway Bed Management System provides an easy to use, low friction solution for patients who require frequent re-positioning. It consists of two separate units, a nylon, water resistant under sheet with wide non-slip sides, and a fully breathable, water proof, quilted polyester soft-shell top sheet. It provides ease of use by carers, and forms an ideal bed solution as part of a single handed care package. Also available is the Freeway Support Wedge which provides a firm support for a patient in bed and helps them remain in a required position.

Key Benefits and Features

• Provides comfort for patients
• Minimal effort from carers
• Ideal for use by a single carer
• Works easily with four section profiling beds
• Can be used on a pressure care mattress
• Can also be used with a hoist to assist turning
• Dimensions:140cm × 200cm
• Maximum user weight: 200kg

Mackworth Essentials
Mackworth Essentials Universal Sling.jpg

The new Mackworth Essentials slings from Prism Medical UK are available to purchase in mixed packs of 10 and represent the greatest value sling option available to the market. 

The range consists of the two ‘Essential’ slings required for the everyday moving and handling of people in safety and comfort (Universal and Toileting). They benefit from the same rigorous ergonomic design procedures and quality checks as our other trusted Mackworth slings and are constructed from high quality quilted polyester material.


Prism Medical are able to offer these slings to you at a significantly reduced cost as they are stripped down to their essential components to reduce manufacturing complexity.

Freeway SA-160 Stand Aid

The Freeway SA-160 Stand Aid has an impressive range of features to provide a safe and dignified lift and benefits from a safe working load of 160kgs (25 stone). Compact and easily manoeuvre, this hoist is uniquely designed to provide three functions:

  • As a transfer hoist

  • As a sit to stand hoist

  • As an aid to rehabilitation by assisted standing

The Freeway SA-160 Stand Aid provides exceptional lifting abilities due to it’s two attachment points on the spreader bar. When using the hoist as a standing aid, the carer can choose either attachment point, to suit the height and the abilities of the person being raised. This gives the ability to lift a wide range of people from 4ft – 6ft 5”. It can also give two lifting angles, one leaning back, the other “head over heels”, a more natural standing procedure for those with lower body strength.

Freeway SA-160 Stand Aid.jpg

The video clip to the left features our Moving & Handling Expert Alan Reed demonstrating the use of Prism Medical's Freeway SA-160 Stand Aid at the Disabled Living Centre in Cheetham (the venue for our Manchester Public Moving & Handling of People Instructor Courses - for more information on our City & Guilds Accredited Courses please click this link). When the Freeway SA-160 Stand Aid is used in conjunction with the Prism Posterior Sling, greater support can be offered in the early stage of the stand. As the hoist raises the user, the posterior sling increases support for the hip area. This stops the stand being a drag lift which is uncomfortable and can be undignified for many people. The SA-160 has optional width guides for the posterior straps, this allows maximum support and comfort.

Alternatively, the Freeway SA-160 is the ideal solution for rehabilitation programs. When physiotherapists are working in the early stages of rehabilitation, the standing support straps help support the client once in an upright standing position. The Standing Support straps have a clip at one end to attach to the posterior sling. The straps have a choice of three different coloured loops.

By selecting the appropriate loop and hooking this over the end of the push handle on the Stand Aid, the user can maintain the standing position in comfort and safety. Not only is this a safe support, it also reduces the amount of people needed to carry out the exercise.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed 4 button handset to enhance ease of operation

  • Ergonomically profiled push handles designed in conjunction with the REBA assessment tool allows for safe moving and positioning

  • Powered leg opening allows the stand aid to be positioned correctly for a stable and safer lift without restricting access around chairs and beds

  • 100mm front castors and 100mm rear castors (locking) allow for maximum control and positioning on all floor surfaces

  • Multi-directional knee pad allows for individual adjustment to provide full support

  • Removable two position footplate

  • Rear foot bar helps to negoatiaite the stand aid over uneven floor surfaces and door thresholds

  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering functions fitted as standard

  • Control box includes a counter which records the usage of the hoist

  • On board charging as standard (Off board charging also available)

  • Coating of the stand aid includes FREECOTE, our unique antibacterial and antimicrobial coating.

Posterior Sling & Standing Support Straps

The Prism Posterior Sling & Standing Support Straps has been specifically designed for use in conjunction with a stand aid and the Prism Standing Support Sling. The Posterior Sling provides additional support to the hip area during the standing process, whilst the Standing Support Straps help to maintain the standing position. The Posterior Sling is available in polyester material only. The polyester mesh version of the Universal Sling is perfect for those who require a sling for bathing. The padded sections are made up with non-absorbent foam which helps reduce the soak up of water.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for use as part of a rehabilitation program

  • Adds extra support to the hip area during sit to stand transfers

  • Designed for use in conjunction with a stand aid and the Prism Standing Support Sling

  • Four sizes available

Freeway TransactiveXtra Ceiling Track Hoist

The Freeway TransactiveXtra Ceiling Track Hoist, exclusively manufactured by Prism Medical UK, is the safest, easiest and most practical way to safely transfer clients from one surface to another. Installed at ceiling level, complete with innovative tracking solutions, the Freeway TransactiveXtra Ceiling Track Hoist provides the caregiver with increased access to the client – making their job safer, and making the transfer more comfortable for the client. The TransactiveXtra benefits from a low profile design, which is unobtrusive – yet provides a much greater lifting height than any other hoist option. With a range of track layouts available, advanced safety features and useful diagnostic tools, the TransactiveXtra can greatly improve quality of life for its users.

Free Standing Gantry System 
Free Standing Gantry System.jpg

The innovative Prism FSG-136 Free Standing Gantry System has been designed with both caregiver and client in mind and is ideal for use in a variety of situations. Fully portable, it can easily be moved to any location and assembled by one person in a matter of minutes with no tools required. The Prism FSG-136 Free Standing Gantry is height adjustable and no component weighs more than 8kg. Secure and sturdy, the Free Standing Gantry can be used for both temporary and permanent applications with no modifications to a room required.


Key Prism FSG-136 Features:


  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 136kg (21.5 stone)

  • Choice of hoist options

  • Total system weighs under 21kg, making it the lightest system on the market

  • Lightweight construction

  • Easy to assemble - no tools required

  • Hoisting span 2300mm

  • Height adjustable to 1950mm

  • Components fold easily to fit in the ergonomic carry bag

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