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Moving & Handling of People Training Videos purchased as a USB and Vimeo login covering a comprehensive range of techniques & transfers (see below) providing Induction & Refresher Training for all Care & Clinical Services Staff. 


1. Wheelchair Handling 2. Sitting to Standing 3. Walking Aids 4. Assisted Walking 5. Standing to Sitting 6. Moving forward in the Chair 7. Moving Back in the Chair 8. Standing Transfers 9. Sitting Transfers 10. Profiling Beds 11. Assistance Back to Bed 12. Sitting Up in Bed 13. Supine on the bed to Sitting Up 14. Sidelying on the Bed to Sitting Up 15. Rolling Person to Fit Slide Sheets 16. Fitting Slide Sheets when Person Cannot be Rolled 17. Moving Person up the bed 18. Lateral Transfers 19. Turning Person on their side 20. Fitting Slings with rolling Person 21. Fitting Slings when Person Cannot be Rolled 22. Fitting Slings Under Person in Chair 23. Hoisting 24. Repositioning Person in Chair 25. Managing the Falling & Fallen Person

Moving & Handling of People Training Videos (USB)

  • Features:

    • USB, Vimeo login & Booklet included
    • 25 Moving & Handling of People Technique & Transfer Sections
    • 3 Hours of Video Training Content
    • Expert Content by Occupational Osteopaths
    • CPD Certification Service Accredited
    • Employee Assessment Pack Available
    • Published in 2022


    • Can be used for Employee Induction & Refresher Training
    • Compliance with Manual Handling Operation Regulations
    • CQC & HSE Compliance
    • Reduces Moving & Handling Lost Time Accidents
    • Reduces Moving & Handling Injury Claims & Legal Fees
    • Reduces or Removes Costs of External Training Companies
    • Brings Moving & Handling Training 100% In-House
    • Clear & Repeatable Message across your Sites
    • Upskills Moving & Handling Instructors
    • Significantly Reduces Administration Time of Training
    • Makes Training your Workforce Simpler, Quicker & More Cost Effective
    • Leveraging Business Growth with Effective Moving & Handling Risk Management
  • The USB Box Set will be posted within 1 working day upon receipt of payment. The Vimeo login will be emailed within 1 working day also.

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