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Leverage Business Growth with Expert Manual Handling Risk Management


Written for Health, Safety & Wellbeing Professionals in Sorry! We're ClosedOsteopathic Solutions Ltd Director & Osteopath Gareth Milner puts his 15 years of Manual Handling Risk Management experience into his first Book. Through real life business trauma of Injury at Work Claim payouts and 50 hand-picked, Manual Handling Risk Management gems of actionable Tips, Gareth presents a remarkable recipe for ensuring your Business stays open, profitable and not supplying that former Employee with a 5 star, all inclusive holiday to the Maldives.


  • Regret not managing Manual Handling Risks within your Business?
  • Increasing Manual Handling Lost Time Accidents affecting Business productivity?
  • Has your Business paid a former Employee thousands of £s for an Injury at Work Claim?
  • Unsure what an Expert Manual Handling Risk Management Programme looks like? 
  • Looking to climb the Corporate Ladder? A Group Health & Safety role, perhaps?


Then Sorry! We're Closed will help you become an Expert in Manual Handling Risk Management aiming towards zero Manual Handling Lost Time Accidents and Injury at Work Claims helping to Leverage Business Growth and with that leverage your pay rise!

Sorry! We're Closed. Book by Gareth Milner

  • Your Paperback copy of Sorry! We're Closed  is posted within 2 days from when your Order is received. Your eBook version is sent to your email via WeTransfer within 1 day from when your Order is received. 

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